When to use us

We can provide information that could help you improve the financial outcome in a number of key situations, particularly those where significant dollars are involved.

Our clients use us for :

- merger and acquisitions (including pre-merger and tender offer investment  analyses. and accounting and tax valuations to establish supportable basis)

- purchase price allocations and goodwill impairment studies ( SFAS 141, SFAS 142 and SFAS 157)

- divestitures

- leveraged buyouts

- ESOP feasibility studies and valuations

- recapitalization of closely-held companies

- liquidations

- arbitrations 
- estate, gift and other tax matters

- estate planning

- family limited partnerships (FLP's)

- valuation of loan portfolios for financial institutions

- bankruptcy and reorganizations

- financing/refinancing

- incentive stock options

- litigation support (such as stock holder suits, bankruptcy, and divorce proceedings)

- valuation of intangible assets

- licensing fees and royalty rate studies


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